I prioritize creating an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. I aim for students to describe patterns verbally, graphically, and mathematically, apply logic to propose mechanisms, and draw on knowledge from multiple disciplines to suggest solutions to problems.

I try especially to foster appreciation for: natural history, the inevitable failures that come with the scientific process, and the importance of a diversity of participants.

Instructor | 7 courses, University of Washington, Seattle

Historical Marine Ecology Research Apprenticeship

Marine Ecological Processes (x3)

Biological Impacts of Climate Change

Foundations in Ecology (x2)

Teaching assistant | 22 courses, University of Washington, Seattle & San Jose State

Including: Marine Ecology, Ecology, Limnology, Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Algae, Physiology, Marine Research Apprenticeships, Cell & Molecular Lab Techniques, Marine Biotechnology, Introductory Ecology & Evolution, Introductory Cell & Molecular Biology


Ingrith Deyrup Distinguished Teaching Award (University of Washington, Seattle)