Teaching & Mentoring


I prioritize creating an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. I aim for students to describe patterns verbally, graphically, and mathematically, apply logic to propose mechanisms, and draw on knowledge from multiple disciplines to suggest solutions to problems.

I try especially to foster appreciation for: natural history, the inevitable failures that come with the scientific process, and the importance of valuing each participant.

Instructor | 8 courses, University of Washington Seattle & University of Victoria

Marine Behavioral Ecology (Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre)

Historical Marine Ecology Research Apprenticeship (Friday Harbor Labs)

Marine Ecological Processes (x3)

Biological Impacts of Climate Change

Foundations in Ecology (x2)

Teaching assistant | 22 courses, University of Washington Seattle & San Jose State

Including: Marine Ecology, Ecology, Limnology, Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Algae, Physiology, Marine Research Apprenticeships, Cell & Molecular Lab Techniques, Marine Biotechnology, Introductory Ecology & Evolution, Introductory Cell & Molecular Biology


2018 Postdoc Mentoring Award Nominee (University of Washington, Seattle)

2015 Ingrith Deyrup Distinguished Teaching Award (Biology, University of Washington, Seattle)