2009-12 ARCS Scholar Hilary Hayford - KristinZwiersPhoto-0620


I am a coastal marine ecologist with passion for natural history, ecophysiology, educational equity, and environmental justice. My work explores the effects of climate change and the impacts of conservation efforts on nearshore species.

I am interested in the behavioral and physiological strategies for survival employed by animals in extreme environments. The intertidal zone is ideal for the study of global change because these organisms are subjected to rapidly changing marine and terrestrial environments.

My research focuses on thermal stress, ocean acidification, and the role of variability in shaping organismal tolerance. I combine manipulative field ecology, observational surveys, measurement of environmental variables, physiological assays, and new technological tools.

Hilary on Twitter
Hilary on Research Gate
Close-up view of a one inch marine snail sitting on barnacles. The shell is dark brown and glistening with dampness. The shell spire is to the left. The snail opening is down and a tiny section of white snail body can be seen between the snail shell and the barnacle.

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