2009-12 ARCS Scholar Hilary Hayford - KristinZwiersPhoto-0620


I am a nearshore marine ecologist with passion for natural history, ecophysiology, and educational equity. I am currently a postdoctoral research associate in the Emily Carrington Lab at the University of Washington, exploring the effects of temperature and ocean acidification on marine invertebrates.

I am interested in the behavioral and physiological strategies for survival employed by animals in extreme environments. The intertidal zone is ideal for the study of global change because these organisms are subjected to rapidly changing marine and terrestrial environments.

My research combines manipulative field ecology, observational surveys using new technology, measurement of environmental variables, and physiological studies of organismal tolerance.

Hilary on Research Gate
Hilary on Twitter


Snail stories from my work:

The best of both worlds

Avoiding high temperature at a snail’s pace

A snail can tell us a lot about global warming

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